Mike Padilla - User Experience Design


User Experience Strategy for websites and web applications 15 Years
Information Architecture, User Interface Design & Web Site Design 16 Years
Rich Internet Applications 13 Years
Conversion Rate Optimization and Website Optimization 7 Years
Mobile User Experience Design & Strategy 6 Years


Senior User Experience Manager
The Vanguard Group . Malvern, PA | 01.09 - Present
Formed Vanguard's prototyping and web optimization team. Led large-scale website optimization efforts across thousands of users participating in split testing campaigns. Led the creation of Vanguard Labs, Vanguard's first publicly accessible region to solicit user feedback on beta concepts. Led multivariate testing program using SiteSpect and content optimization program using Google AdWords.

Led the mobile user experience strategy for Vanguard. Directed multi-disciplinary teams in the design of the mobile user experience including experiences tailored for feature phones, smartphones, and tablets. Worked closely with IT to collaborate on development strategies comparing native app development to mobile web app development.

Led user experience teams in support of Vanguard.com. Orchestrated team roles across information architecture, visual design, interactive design, prototyping, and development throughout the user centered design process. Defined measureable website success metrics and developed website optimization plans to continuously impove site toward defined goals.

User Experience Manager
The Vanguard Group . Malvern, PA | 09.07 - 12.09
Managed user experience teams for Vanguard's institutional websites, including those for financial advisors and institutional asset managers. Primarily focused on website strategy and user centered design processes while ensuring appropriate front-end implementation solutions with development teams.

User Experience Design Director
Radian Guaranty. Philadelphia, PA | 04.02 - 08.07
Led and managed all user experience design efforts for company-wide web applications. Directed user-centered design across information architecture, high-fidelity prototyping and client-side development integration. Designed and developed robust rich-client user interfaces for web applications. Served as a key participant in requirements development using the Rational Unified Process and conciliated dissimilar interests between marketing, business, end user, and development teams. Established highly respected thought leadership by defining emerging industry best practices by publishing articles in IBM developerWorks, IBM Ease of Use Journal, BEA DEV2DEV, Digital Web Magazine and User Experience Design Magazine. Planned and executed in-house usability testing. Established company’s original user experience team.

Principal Interactive Designer
Destiny WebSolutions. Conshohocken, PA | 09.99 - 12/01
Responsible for the design and development of user interfaces for top financial services companies including Fleet, Mellon, Bessemer Trust and The Bank of New York. Created user-centered interfaces for online account access systems and coordinated branding and information architecture development. Worked closely with business analysts to refine use cases and with developers to execute UI designs. Collaborated with marketing to successfully transition and enhance their existing offline brand to the web while providing enhanced online functionality. Helped develop a staff of six designers and contributed to the documented design methodology.

Database Developer
Claritas, Inc. Ithaca, NY | 06.99 - 08.99
Fully developed an Access database front-end to access data through ODBC driver. Used Visual Basic and SQL to fully automate advanced queries and report generation based on user menu input choices. Incorporated graphical user interface with optimized heuristics for easier user input. Created full documentation of all work to facilitate future database maintenance.


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"Prescribing AJAX: Panacea, Placebo, or Poison? Peeling the AJAX Onion". AjaxWorld Magazine. December 5, 2007.
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"Strike a Balance: User's Expertise in Interface Design". IBM DeveloperWorks. September 4, 2003


XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Sencha Touch, PHP, Google Analytics, WebTrends, TeaLead, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, Access, Visio, Excel, BEA WebLogic Portal, Documentum


Presenter at Finovate 2015 - San Jose, CA
Patent: 2-D and 3-D Graphical Visualization of Diversification of Portfolio Holdings, United States 14/219,975
Finalist for the 2013 Core77 Windows Mobile Design Contest
2012 American Inhouse Design Awards Winner - Vanguard Mobile
Finalist for the 2011 Core77 Windows Mobile Design Contest
Top 10 Finalist for the Sencha Touch App Contest
Finalist for the AT&T Open Call Mobile Development Contest
Finalist for the Macromedia Flash Usability Design Contest
BestFlashSites featured site
Grand Prize Winner of Solid Solutions cover contest
Artwork featured on cover of Solid Solutions magazine
Published in Runner's World, Mechanical Solutions, Machine Design
Winner of Cornell Bridge Design Contest
Varsity Letter Winner in Men's NCAA DI Track and Cross Country
Featured in New England Runner
Winner of the 1999 Boston Prudential Stairclimb
Winner of the 2004 Philadelphia Race for the Cure
Dean's List
Mensa Member


Formed and led research team in Cornell's Human Power Lab to study and improve mountain bike rear suspension systems. Performed a complete free-body analysis of bike/rider system to determine best suspension linkage and pivot location. Determined optimum design. Built full scale working prototype.
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Cornell University. Ithaca, NY
Bachelor's of Science, Mechanical Engineering 1996


Cornell University. Ithaca, NY
Bachelor's of Science
Mechanical Engineering, focus on Ergonomics

Featured Published Article

User Interface Implementations of Faceted Browsing. Digital Web Magazine
"Faceted filtering helps users manage large amounts of information. Do you need to slice-n-dice or puree? If you can only filter by selecting one value per facet (slice-n-dice), can you efficiently accomplish your ultimate task or do you need to select multiple values per facet, across facets (puree). The former can be done simply with links while the latter may require a complex combination of form controls with all facets values always persistent. "

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